Interbuild Hardwax Oil CLEAR 250 ml

Interbuild Hardwax Oil CLEAR 250 ml


Interbuild Hardwax Oil CLEAR 250 ml

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Interbuilds Clear Hardwax Oil Wood Finish is designed for all unfinished and unsealed wood surfaces. Because of the plant-based, food-safe, peanut-free formula, the Hardwax Oil Wood Finishes are ideal for finishing wood kitchen countertops and wood butcher block food preparation stations and chopping boards. In addition, they are formulated for use indoors and outdoors on unfinished wood doors and furniture in all outdoor wood species, including teak, acacia, cedar, poplar, pine, oak and walnut. With High Solids Content (100% Vegetable Oils and Waxes) and Zero Volatile Organic Compounds content (100% VOC-Free) the Hardwax Oil Wood Finishes have a high yield for every application, covering a wide surface area. The 250 ml size covers 81.25 sq. ft. Use Interbuild’s Clear Top-Coat Sealant is ideal to apply to wood surfaces that may already be stained but not sealed.

-Hardwax oil wood finishes have high solids content and low evaporation for high yield per application
-Food-safe, plant-based, peanut-free formula
-100% vegetable oils and waxes formula
-Ideal for wood kitchen countertops, wood food preparation areas and butcher block cutting boards
-No volatile organic compound used (100% VOC free)
-Carbon & Climate Neutral


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